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15 Minute Baked Camembert

with Berries & Walnuts

Baked Camembert Topped with Berries and Walnuts -

It’s been a rather hectic – but blessed – fortnight, hence the lack of recent posts but I’ve had you guys in mind throughout and couldn’t wait to have some free time available again in order to be able to get back you.

I will endeavor to post every Tuesday and Thursday from now on, in order to get into some regularity. Do let me know what days you are more likely to read my blog posts though and we’ll see what we can do but again, I think Tuesdays and Thursdays currently work best for me.

Today’s recipe is this delicious baked camembert topped with melted muscovado* sugar, sweet warm berries and walnuts. This dish is too delicious, guys.

Just. Too. Delicious.

Baked Camembert Topped with Berries and Walnuts -

I’ve actually made it several times this week, all in the name of research, of course! Well, that excuse could have washed after the third time I made it on the first day alone, but since then, the fact that I’ve made it about twenty times already in the past fortnight is testament to how much I am inlove this recipe. (Not to talk of the twenty pounds I’ve most probably piled on as a result!)

Baked Camembert Topped with Berries and Walnuts -

The creamy, warm cheese, topped with warm candied walnuts and hot, succulent berries soaked in a honey and balsamic sauce are all too pleasing for words… and then once you cut into the pile of heaven on a plate and see the mild, gooey goodness just oozing out. OMG!

Guys, I really should just be quiet now and give you the recipe so you can taste for yourselves, right? No problem.

Just be sure to let me know what you think of this recipe once you’ve made and tasted for yourself. I just know that you will love it.

Baked Camembert Topped with Berries and Walnuts -


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Baked Camembert Topped with Berries and Walnuts -

If there ever was a time the term ‘food porn’ was more appropriate, it is now. I should have videod the moment I cut into this piece of deliciousness and made a GIF depicting all of it’s wonderous ooziness, with some Barry White music playing in the background… Pure Heaven!


* There seems to be some palaver within the paleo world concerning certain foods, including muscovado sugar and oats (as indicated in a valued comment posted on my ‘Paleo Flapjacks‘ post).

I personally think that muscovado sugar and oats are indeed paleo and will therefore dedicate a post to this in the near future explaining why.


Orange, Mango & Basil Smoothie

Orange Mango and Basil Smoothie -


Paleo Chocolate Covered Flapjacks

Chocolate Covered Paleo Flapjacks -

These flapjacks are were gorge!

They’re soft, sweet, chewy and of course healthy, gluten free and paleo.

I’d never made flapjacks before today so experiencing them fresh and literally straight out of the oven was just too amazing for words.

Chocolate Covered Paleo Flapjacks -

Chocolate Covered Paleo Flapjacks -

Apart from the fact that whilst typing this post, I’m still stuffing my face with the remaining second batch I’ve just recently made, these flapjacks really do speak for themselves and taste even better than they look, so without any further ado, here is the recipe for the tastiest flapjacks (paleo or not!) I’ve had in a long time.

(I feel so grown up, what with all this recent baking. Mary Berry, eat your heart out!)

Chocolate Covered Paleo Flapjacks -


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Chocolate Covered Paleo Flapjacks -

Irie Smoothie:

3 Delicious Summer Smoothies

 Irie Smoothie: 3 Delicious Summer Smoothies -

These three smoothies are so delicious that I just had to give you all three recipes in one set. Refreshing, cool, sweet and healthy? Yes, these smoothies are all that, and then some!

They’re easy to make and as with all my recipes are also paleo / gluten free so give them a go, add your own variations and let’s enjoy this British long hot summer.


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5 Minute Healthy Paleo

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

 5 Minute Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough -

A couple of months back, I spotted the beautiful Bethany Ugarte’s Instagram post (guys, you HAVE to follow Bethany @lilsipper as her recipes are just AMAZING!) for her delicious cookie dough.

The fact that it looked amazing was already enough of a persuasion to try it out myself  (I mean, chocolate chip cookie dough, who wouldn’t?) but it wasn’t until I scrolled down the page and discovered that the main ingredient was chickpeas, that I was totally sold!

Chickpeas! A delicious chocolate chip cookie dough made out of chickpeas!

Does the wonder of tasty gluten free recipes ever cease! 

 5 Minute Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - JustinaElumeze.comThankfully, I had the ingredients all to hand so set about making Bethany’s creation straight away. Needless to say, it was so delicious and the realisation (as I scoffed the lot in less time than it took to make!) that this cookie dough is healthy, tasty and gluten free had me skanking round the kitchen like a total nutter!

I then re-read Bethany’s Instagram post and realised that I was supposed to have frozen it for a while so that it became… COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM!! 

Life had got even better.

Of course I made another batch of the wonder stuff and with enormous willpower managed to let it freeze. 

Actually, that is a complete and utter lie. I had no willpower. The only reason why you guys are seeing these pretty pictures of my second batch of cooke dough is because I totally forgot that I had put it into the freezer and only discovered it last night, some two months later, when getting some food out for dinner.

Anyway, as the saying goes, “All things work for good…” as now – with it ‘officially’ being summer – is no better time to share this recipe for chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

If like me, you forget (or don’t want!) to wait for the dough to freeze before serving, then go for it with a huge smile on your face, safe in the knowledge that it actually doesn’t matter and that life is most definitely good!

Enjoy… x

Ice cream bowl birdseye 2 with logo


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15 Minute Paleo Breakfast Cookies

15 Minute Paleo Breakfast Cookies with a Strawberry Almond Milkshake -
These paleo coconut and chocolate chip breakfast cookies are so good.
They’re soft, sweet and chewy with a freshly oven baked, melt in the mouth cookie taste that’s just perfect for the morning and the fact that they only take ten minutes to bake is even better!
The cool strawberry milkshake – made with almond milk and a sweet, rich strawberry paleo sauce – takes only minutes to make and combined, this morning breakfast treat is ready to enjoy in just fifteen minutes
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15 Minute Paleo Breakfast Cookies -

Loaded Paleo Nachos

with Fresh Salsa & Guacamole

Paleo Sweet Potato Nachos -
I love nachos. Totally love ’em. The spicy meat combined with the fresh, cool salsa and guacamole, all smothered on top of crispy tortilla chips all come together perfectly.
However, not being paleo friendly, one had to come up with an alternative and this is where the trusted sweet potato came in.
With the help of a mandolin, it’s so easy to make crisps (or chips as you guys say in the US… then there’s the chips/fries transatlantic confusion, but lets not over complicate things!) from a sweet potato that there really is no need for traditional tortillas when making this delicious nacho dish.
Make as a snack for an easy, tv dinner night or increase the amounts for an all out tasty meal.


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Paleo Zucchini Noodles with Creamy Avocado Dressing

Zucchini noodles with creamy avocado dressing

This delicous paleo ‘spaghetti’ with a creamy avocado dressing is made with spiralized zucchini to substitute the pasta. 

Without the carbs but full in flavour, you’ll be amazed at how tasty this paleo meal is and be asking yourself why you haven’t commenced with your paleo lifestyle sooner.

Rich in nutrients, a raw food and low in fat, try it for yourself and see how delicous and healthy it is!

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Paleo Chocolate Protein Truffles chocolate truffles are the most delicious gems of guilt free goodness I’ve russled up so far.

Paleo packed full of protein, low in fat, low carb and gluten free, they are ready to eat in minutes… even if they don’t stick around that long!

With only five ingredients and no baking required, these protein truffles are a great way to treat yourself whilst keeping in shape.


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Family Favorite Spaghetti Bolognese

I love spagetti Bologn. I mean, who doesn’t? The tomatoes, onions, garlic and beef all perfectly combined to create a rich sauce that is now the nation’s favourite meal.

Not all tomato sauces taste the same as everyone has their own way of making it and that is the great thing about spagetti bolog , and cooking in general. Everyone has their own take, making for a wider variety of styles, versons and flavours. 

However, without blowing my own trumpet, this spagetti sauce rocks!

An Italian girl I knew taught me how to make this tomato sauce over twenty five years ago.

That’s a quarter of a century ago… No way has it been that long!

Well, if an Italian dish taught to me by an Italian lady, over a quarter of a century ago does not make this recipe authentic, then I don’t know what does! I’ve not changed the recipe over the years as my tastebuds have never given me any indication to do so, but you can, adding or omitting anything to your satisfaction.

I believe that apart from cakes and other similar deserts, there really are no strict rules to cooking and you’ve probably gathered from my recipes by now that I’m not really into all that palaver.

I know a guy who would have a funny turn and hissyy fit if I went to take the frozen peas (frozen peas you know… Not even frois gras, but frozen peas!) off the cooker too soon as the instructions on the packet stated that they should be left to boil for six minutes. 

In my opinion, people like that need Jesus.

Cooking should be fun and enjoyable with the result being healthy, tasty food. Which this recipe most definately is. 

The spiralized courgettes (or zuchinni to all my transatlantic darlings) are the perfect spagetti substitute and the sauce is made from fresh, organic ingredients, making this the ideal paleo, gluten free and low fat meal for all the family.

So without further ado, here is my utterly delicious recipe for paleo spagetti Bol.

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10 Minute Paleo Chinese Pan Fried Beef

with Shiitake Mushroom Sauce

This Chinese inspired paleo dish is delicious and can be cooked in minutes.
With tender steak, shitake mushrooms and fresh vegetables all drenched in the most flavoursome star anise infused thick sauce, you simply have to try it to know how good it is! 
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Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Chips

with a Beetroot Yoghurt Dip

This is really all about the dip, with the roasted sweet potatoes – as delicious as they were – being the side thing!

I made the yoghurt dip the other day to pour over a light quinoa and cucumber salad I’d made but ate it all (it was divine) before I could take a picture of the dish to show you how hot it looked!

So anyways, today I thought I’d show you how I love to roast my sweet potatoes but felt that I had to add some sort of dip to accompany the fries and that’s when I remembered my beetroot yoghurt dip from the other day and realised it would be perfect to go with the fries.

The spicy sweet potatoes smothered in the cool, fresh yoghurt dip is just too nice to not share with you all, so give it a go and let me know what you think.


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2 Minute Paleo Chocolate Sauce
This morning I felt like having some fresh strawberries. So I went and got some, as you do.
When I got home and tried them, they were the sweetest, juiciest strawberries I’d had in a long while… but it wasn’t enough. My sweet tooth longed for something more, and what sweet tooth wants, sweet tooth invariably gets.

“Chocolate…” toothy screamed out to me. “I wants some chocolate, now!”

So, with this in mind I decided to conjour up something quick. I had decided that some chocolate sauce was in order but with none in sight anywhere in my kitchen I had to think fast.
That’s when I came up with the delectable sauce gloriously drizzled over the succulent strawberries you see right here.
All I can say about this paleo chocolate sauce is that it tasted fine! The warm, sweet taste of chocolate so complimented the soft strawberries that I’ve not heard a pipe from my sweet tooth since!
It’s so simple to make too. (You guys must know by now that my meals are always easy to make. Life is to be enjoyed, not wasted!)
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Easy Paleo Mango Chia Pudding

This sweet paleo pudding is easy to prepare and ultra healthy too.

Chia seeds pack more Omega-3’s than salmon, and are also high in fibre, calcium, zinc and antioxidants, making them the ultimate health treat.

It’s super easy to make this tropical health ‘punch’. Give it a go and let me know how you liked it.


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15 Minute Paleo Breakfast:

Bacon & Egg Baskets

This delicious breakfast is a healthy take and alternative to the British fry-up.

Made with eggs encased in prosciutto ham baskets and with feta stuffed juicy vine tomatoes, the entire breakfast is oven-baked to perfection and ready in less than twenty minutes, leaving you plenty of free time to enjoy your mornings.


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Paleo Tortilla Southern Fried

Chicken Wraps

Made with paleo tortilla and the most succulent, crispy coated chicken, these paleo chicken tortilla wraps, filled with juicy tomatoes, fresh, crisp kale and onions are ubér delish!

The chicken is coated in home made almond flour and coconut buttermilk, with both the flour and buttermilk seasoned to give it that southern fried taste.

Mixing some home made guacamole into the equation is even better!

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10 Minute Pea, Feta & Walnut Salad

On beautiful summer days such as these, there’s nothing finer than a cool, light and delicious salad.

Go to our recipe page to find out how to make this quick and slimming salad.


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5 Minute Quinoa Steak Salad


Summer time is still upon us and so warm weather such as this requires only light meals such as salads to sustain us. This however doesn’t mean living on a diet solely of lettuce. 

Salads have come a long way since the basic iceberg, tomato and cucumber combination our parents used to include at the dinner table and whilst remaining light, when done well they can also be both nutritious and delicious whilst totally fulfilling.

This delicious quinoa seed salad is all of these things and more. I like to call it my paleo ‘Cave Girl Pearls of Gold in a Bowl’ (or plate, as in the above picture).

Low in fat, high in protein and packed full of vitamins A, B and D, try it out for yourself and then tell me how much you like it!

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Zucchini ‘Pasta’ with Creamy Avocado & Coriander Sauce

Zucchini 'pasta' with creamy avocado & coriander sauce -

This delicious 100% raw food, gluten free and paleo recipe is both low in fat and high in nutrients.

The ‘pasta’ is *spiralized Zuchinni (click here to purchase a spiralizer) – so there is no need to worry about processed carbohydrates – whilst the avocado sauce has been blended with garlic, olive oil and aromatic coriander to create a creamy, rich consistency.

Bursting with vitamins, protein, folic acid and anti-oxidants, this low carlorie meal is delicious, healthy and nutritious.

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*A Vegetable Spiralizer is an amazing gadget that turns vegetables into wonderful, long noodle shaped spirals, enabling you to enjoy your favourite vegetables, such as zucchini and carrots, in new and more exciting ways!

You can continue to enjoy your favourite spagetti and stir fry dishes whilst omitting the refined carbohydrates found in pasta and noodles.

A must for all raw foodists, a spiralizer creates perfectly spiral formed vegetables that can be enjoyed raw, thus maintaining as much nutrients as possible that could otherwise be lost through cooking.

A spiralizer is the perfect kitchen appliance that will help you to accomplish your weight loss goals as you are replacing unhealthy and fattening refined carbohyrates with healthy, low fat, slimming vegetables. 

Already an Amazon bestseller, customers reviews speak for themselves.

If you have yet to try this life changing, wonder gadget then we thoroughly recommend that you do!

Click here to purchase your Spiralizer from Amazon.

Zucchini ‘pasta’ with creamy avocado & coriander sauce

Morning Fresh Lemon Tea

Fresh Morning Lemon Tea -
Drinking hot water with freshly squeezed lemon first thing in the morning is nothing new to most health fans. However, here is my take on this fresh morning tea that I have been drinking for years and swear by: lemon,
ginger, honey and passion fruit tea… Yummy!
  •  Half a lemon, juice squeezed
  • Approx. a thumb size of ginger, grated
  • Half a passion fruit, flesh scooped out
  • Honey, for taste
Add everything into your favourite cup, top with hot water (not boiling), relax and enjoy…!  It really is refreshing and a lot more tasty than just plain lemon and hot water. This drink was inspired by my favourite passion fruit martini at
the Mayfair Bar, London and more importantly, every ingredient is known to reduce weight loss so, even if you have a mega sweet tooth like me, you can literally pour in the honey – sans spoon – straight from the jar conscience clear!
Known for its cleansing properties, hot lemon water quickly cleanses out toxins and eliminates waste products from the body. At less than 25 calories and a natural diuretic, drinking fresh lemon in hot water is also known to assist in weight loss.  Some (including myself) feel that drinking lemon tea also supresses the appetite.
Recent studies have shown that increasing the amount of honey into your diet causes the body to burn fat at an increased level, which equates to weight loss! This is because honey is thought to increase the body’s metabolism causing you to burn more fat than usual, even when sleeping. Honey – natures liquid sugar. Liquid gold!
Ginger is also known to be an appetite supressant. Ginger is known to aid in digestion, increas energy, speeds
up the metabolism and has a high fibre content. It is this combination of fat busting goodness that makes this spicy root quite majical for weight loss.
Passion Fruit
Another natural diuretic, passion fruit is also thought to aid in weright loss as it also has a high fibre content.


Protein Truffles

5 Minute Protein Truffles -

These protein truffles are both delicious and easy to make, with no cooking or baking required. The good thing about making truffles is that you can go on to combine your favourite healthy ingredients to make a variety of different flavoured truffles, thus making them your own.

Here I have made chocolate and vanilla truffles using only the finest and healthiest of ingredients making them both tasty and guilt free.


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Breakfast Strawberry Surprise Smoothie

(The surprise is the muesli blended into this delicious morning smoothie…)

Yummy Breakfast Strawberry Surprise Smoothie

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Raw Food/Paleo ‘Bunless’ Burgers

'Bunless' Burger -

After recently having the worst cold/flu ever (seriously, man flu had nothing
on me! I was in a pretty bad way, hence the lact of recent posts for which I apologise), in a bid to eat more healthily, I took to looking up the current raw food craze and came across a lot of information, too much to take in at once but enough to realise that there may be something to it.

Raw foodists claim that the many benefits of such a diet include, clearer skin, more energy, weight loss and an improved digestive system.

A raw food diet basically consists of just that, raw food. However, the thought of living off carrots and letttuce – like
an overgrown rabbit – made me think that, in time, I would turn into the rabbit from the movie Donnie Darko, and thus, decided that I would have to try my own variations and methods.

Raw foodists discourage the heating of food over 46 celcius as it is believed that food cooked at a higher temperature than this depletes the food of its natural enzymes. Raw foodists also usually fall into four

  •  Raw vegetarians – consume mainly raw vegatables as well as animal products, such as egg and cheese.
  •  Raw vegans – consume mainly raw vegetables and no animal products.
  • Raw omnivores – both plant based and animal based products are consumed, mainly raw.
  •  Raw carnivores – consume only raw meat products.

However, without being funny, there is absolutley no way that I’m giving up my meat for anybody and, as much as
I like my steak medium rare, a large slab of raw meat is also a totally different matter altogether… (unless it’s a delicious carpaccio, something like a steak tartar in my opinion can – well – quite frankly, go ta ta!)

So, here, at Justina Elumeze, I will be taking a journey of discovery with not just raw food, but all types of healthy recipes – all with my own personal take – that I’d love you to follow me on.

To kick off, here is my ‘Bunless Burger’ that omitts the usual bread which, if you know from my previous posts, is something I try to steer clear off due to the problems it causes me both mentally (headaches and depression) as well as physically (bloating and lethargy).

This ‘Bunless Burger’ is so tasty, juicy and packed full of goodness that I know you’ll love it. Do try it out yourself and let me know what you think.

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Six of the Best

Low Carb Soups
‘Creamy’ Zucchini, Walnut & Thyme Soup

If like us, you’ve been under the weather recently with a cold, then you’ll agree that as tasty as they are, salads and smoothies really just don’t quite cut it in winter! 

However, just because the weather has taken a dive for the worse, doesn’t mean that your healthy eating plan should and thus, here we bring you six of the most delicious soups to warm your hearts without fear of expanding your

Cauliflower Chowder

This delicious chowder, from Damn Delicious, substitutes the stodgy, carb infested potato with cauliflower and tastes as good as it looks.

Paleo Portuguese Kale Soup

Beach Body addict Lori knows a thing or two about low carb recipes and here, she shows you how to make her Paleo Portuguese Kale Soup, laden with protein and vegetables such as kale, sausage and turkey.

Fire Pot Soup

The beautiful, blessed Jenna from Love, Eat, Run shows us how to make a delicious Fire Pot Soup, made with tasty ingredients including shrimp, curry paste and coconut milk. 

Omit the rice and replace the tofu with chicken pieces. Try it. You’ll love it!

Roasted Garlic Chicken Soup

This Roasted Garlic Chicken Soup, from Carolyn at All Day I Dream About Food is not only low carb but gluten free. You can substitute the whipping cream recipe with cremé

Salmon Chowder

Lisa Rose at Real Food Kosher presents this tasty Salmon Chowder. Once the potato and (if desired) squash is omitted (and replaced with cauliflower to give the thickness), this is in effect a nutritious and totally guilt free paleo soup.

‘Creamy’ Zucchini, Walnut & Thyme Soup

Kellie from Kellie’s Food to Glow, shows us how to make this delicious creamy soup, where the creamy texture comes from the blended walnuts! Clever chef!

So there you have it. Six of our favourite low fat, low carb soups to warm you up over the winter months. Give them a go and let us know which one is your favourite.

Chocolate Protein Fudge Brownies

The chocolate softness combined with the juicy raisins and crunchy pecans make them seem far too decadent to even begin to be considered healthy but these paleo brownies are just that. The key ingredient, black beans, is an ideal alternative to using flour, be it processed or almond!

Give them a go and do let me know what you thought of them.


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Curried Chicken & Broccoli with Sweet Potato Crisps & Sautedd Tomatoes

When you hear someone mention chicken and broccoli as a main meal, you probably associate it with being some sort of bland diet body builders painstakingly have to adhere to weeks before a competition and therefore, probably does nothing to excite your taste buds. However, there’s no reason the chicken – or broccoli – should be flavourless.
Curried chicken and broccoli with sweet potato crisps is a fine example.
This version includes herbs and spices normally used in a lot of African and West Indian cuisines.
The way is to season the meat via a dry rub, seasonings such as curry powder and all purpose along with other ingredients such as onion and garlic and leaving overnight with the meat, thus producing a flavoursome and succulent meat.
You can also blend the seasonings together to form a paste to season the meat with, even though this is not something I have ever seen any African or West Indian do (just people on telly).
Do give the recipe a go and if you wish to omit the sweet potato in order to reduce your carb intake even further, this meal is just as tasty.
Curried Chicken & Broccoli with Sweet Potato Crisps & Sauteed Tomatoes
When you hear someone mention chicken and broccoli as a main meal, you probably associate it with being some sort of bland diet body builders painstakingly have to adhere to weeks before a competition and therefore, probably does nothing to excite your taste buds. However, there’s no reason the chicken – or broccoli – should be flavourless.
Curried chicken and broccoli with sweet potato crisps is a fine example.
This version includes herbs and spices normally used in a lot of African and West Indian cuisines.
The way is to season the meat via a dry rub, seasonings such as curry powder and all purpose along with other ingredients such as onion and garlic and leaving overnight with the meat, thus producing a flavoursome and succulent meat.
You can also blend the seasonings together to form a paste to season the meat with, even though this is not something I have ever seen any African or West Indian do (just people on telly).
Do give the recipe a go and if you wish to omit the sweet potato in order to reduce your carb intake even further, this meal is just as tasty.


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Deliciously Golden Tropical Fruit Punch

Deliciously Golden Tropical Fruit Punch -


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Ginger Spiced Apple

Ginger Spiced Apple -


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Sweet Surprise Smoothie

Sweet Surprise Smoothie -
(It’s pleasantly surprising how gorgeous this green juice tastes…)

This healthy juice is amazing. It tastes delicious, surprisingly delicious, as I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive about making this due to some of the ingredients that I wouldn’t normally associate with a smoothie or juice. Half of the ingredients belong in a soup! Once I’d tasted this however, I was converted as the pineapple and apples totally give this juice its sweetness and turn an otherwise raw soup into an amazing juice packed full of essential nutrients. Packed full of potassium, vitamin c and iron, most definitely enjoy!

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Creamy Pea & Mint Soup



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