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  • Five Ingredient Paleo & Vegan Chocolate Florentines -

    Five Ingredient Chocolate Florentines – Paleo & Vegan

    Chocolate Florentines that would make the Cookie Monster proud! Chewy, sweet, packed full of flaked almonds and coated in dark chocolate, these Paleo chocolate Florentines are also gluten-free and totally vegan. What’s even more…

  • The Best Lamb Shank Recipe… Ever! -

    The Best Lamb Shank Recipe… Ever!

    Fancy something tasty for the weekend? Then have a go cooking up some succulent and juicy lamb shanks. Filled with garlic and rosemary butter and coated with seasoned flour,  these lamb shanks are so…

  • Nut Free Vegan Paleo Flatbread -
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    Nut Free Vegan Paleo Flatbread

    Oven baked bread is delightful but nothing compared to this gluten and nut free, vegan / paleo delicious oven baked flatbread! Mega easy to make and so tasty, you’ll find yourself making it time…

  • Paleo Vegan Bounty Bars -
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    Five Ingredient Paleo Vegan Bounty Bars

    Sweet, soft, moist and made up of only five healthy ingredients, these Paleo and vegan Bounty bars taste much better than the shop bought version and are ready in just a matter of minutes.…

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    Five Ingredient Paleo Plantain Bread

    Finding a decent paleo bread recipe is vital, especially if you’re looking to make the perfect sandwich! Well, look no further as plantain bread is mega simple, perfect for sandwiches and 100% totally paleo!…

  • Cloud Bread - Feautured
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    Carb Free Cloud Bread

    Forget cloud eggs, it’s all about the cloud bread! Light, fluffy, paleo and gluten-free, cloud bread is what it’s all about. Made with minimal ingredients and ready in a matter of minutes, cloud bread…

  • Paleo Triple Chocolate Brownies -

    Paleo Triple Chocolate Brownies

    Hands down, these brownies are the best brownies I’ve ever made! Moist, sweet and packed to the rim with rich chocolate, one bite and you’ll fall in love with these brownies just as much…

  • Paleo Strawberry Sundae - Featured

    Paleo Strawberry Sundae

    100% paleo, gluten-free and scrumptious! Made with coconut milk and fresh strawberries, this healthy strawberry sundae (or knickerbocker glory, as we like to call it here in the UK) is just perfect for summer…

  • Paleo Strawberry Superfood Smoothie Bowl - Featured

    Paleo Strawberry Superfood Smoothie Bowl

    I’m not really a breakfast person but this bowl of strawberry goodness has more than converted me! Made with frozen bananas, coconut, strawberries, and the superfoods cocoa nibs, raspberries and blueberries, this heavenly paleo…

  • Paleo Roasted Brocolli Stem Salad - Featured

    Paleo Oven Roasted Tenderstem Broccoli Salad

    This healthy paleo and gluten-free salad consists of fresh tenderstem broccoli, pomodorino tomatoes and spicy chorizo, all oven-roasted for a more intense flavour. It can be enjoyed either warm or cold… either way, you’ll definitely…

  • PALEO Overnight Oats with Cherries, Dragon Fruit & Figs - Featured

    PALEO Overnight Oats with Cherries, Dragon Fruit & Figs

    This bowl of chocolate paleo and gluten-free overnight oats doesn’t just look amazing, it tastes pretty awesome too! The deliciously creamy oats are high in fibre, nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, and topped off with sweet…