Autumn Fashion 2019 Must-Haves and How to Wear Them


Spring this year was all about Millennial Pink, industrial-grade rubber, and fanny packs. The latest Spring look we featured on Justina Elumeze included Stella McCartney’s floral silk dress as well as brands like Armani and Ula Johnson.

Meanwhile, Autumn this year revolves around statement-making and subtle quirks—from power shoulders and micro-micro bags, to weird hats and fancy off-shoulders. Here are some of those trends you can include in your own wardrobe:

Off-shoulders, asymmetrical necklines, and shoulder pads

Shoulder detailing is the next big thing and it’s currently dominating the runways. In her weekend column on the Chicago Tribune, Ellen Warren said shoulder pads are still very much in, but as it’s an avant-garde look that can be a little challenging to pull it off.

You can incorporate this into your wardrobe by buying tailored blazers and dresses with puffy, romantic shoulders. If you don’t want to go puffy, you can opt for off-shoulder silhouettes or an asymmetrical neckline. Take inspiration from Carolina Herrera’s line, which features slouchy, lopsided shoulders, which can make you look put together without putting in much effort.

Suits, plaids, and cozy tops

By now, we all know that suits have shed their corporate undertones and have made their way to the streets and runways. This year, the suit trend will continue to gather steam, but we’re seeing new ways on how to make them more feminine. Elle’s Fall 2019 guide features blazers from Prada and Marni that come with built-in cinchers like leather belts and heavy chains. It’s a subtle change, but truly highlights the feminine figure. Be sure to pair it with a classy inner top to balance it out. Woman Within’s selection of button down shirts come in various shades and designs that you can mix and match. Whether you want a pop of color or a subtle print, it’s a simple way to inject more flair into your ensemble.

Tonal dressing

Monochrom doesn’t need to be all black to look chic and stylish. You can also go for pastels, neons, and even metallics. StyleCaster’s monochromatic outfit ideas suggest you go for colors like teal, maroon, brown, and pink.

You won’t have any problem pulling off this look, because it’s easy to tone down. Simply go for the more muted shades, or combine different ones from the same color story. It’s easy yet still chic and versatile.

Tights and leather trousers

Leather pants are going to be your new go-to this season, from the biker-inspired ones by Bottega Veneta to the high-waisted and high-shine ones from Isabel Marant. You can also let the close-fitting and sharply cut ones from Hermes and Robert Cavalli inspire your look. Remember, it’s all about crossing comfort with style. If you want to be a bit more daring, sheer, bondage-inspired, and Eighties-era glamor-inspired tights are also in style this Autumn.

English Tweed

Tweed is a high-quality, durable fabric, which makes it a great investment. However, it can be difficult and uncomfortable to pull off. For Autumn this year, it’s going to be a modern take on capes, belted coats, and pleated skirts. Tweed pants are also making a comeback, particularly high-waisted ones. You can pair it with a turtleneck sweater and a pair of pumps, just like a modern interpretation of Marlene Dietrich’s signature style from the 40s.

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