Workout of the Month: A Girl on Fire

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With the very first post of 2019, let’s take the opportunity to wish everyone a Merry New Year (said in best Eddie Murphy ‘Trading Places’ voice!)

So, with the New Year comes new beginnings and if – like many – you overindulged over the Christmas period, then there is no better time to start again with your weight loss and fitness goals.

This month’s workout of the month is the ideal workout to rid yourself of any bulges that may have crept up unexpectedly over the last few months.

The A Girl on Fire‘ workout from Darebee targets those stubborn to shift areas, to give you the toned body you’re looking for.

Workout of the Month: A Girl on Fire - 2
‘A girl on Fire’ workout by Darebee

An all over body workout, ‘A girl on Fire’ is a high burn, streamlined workout that is suitable for beginners and guaranteed to transform your body.

The exercises work the entire body amplifying your power and increasing the synergistic coordination of different muscle groups. Add EC (1 minute rest between sets) and your lungs will also begin to feel the load as metabolic stress makes its own special demands.

Workout of the Month: A girl on Fire (Darebee) -

In a few weeks, you will find the results to be amazing!

Just be sure to stop yourself from singing out loud Alicia Keys ‘Girl on Fire’ every time you catch a glance of your finely toned self in every mirror and shop window you walk past!


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