Supermodel Ayobami Okekunle – Nigeria’s Hottest New Export

Ayobami Okekunle - Main

Ayobami Okekunle

Meet authentic beauty Ayobami Okekunle, currently signed to IMG models and rightfully taking the modelling world by storm!

With her beautiful features and amazing physique, Ayobami already has several high-profile campaigns and fashion week runway shows (including Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent) under her 22 inch waist belt.

Ayobami Okekunle - 2

Ayobami Okekunle - 3

Ayobami Okekunle - 4

Ayobami Okekunle - 5

Ayobami Okekunle - 6

Ayobami Okekunle - 7

Here’s to the current “big kind of movement with dark skin models” (Cameron James Wilson) phase being just that – a phase – and that instead of lasting more than a hot minute, it becomes common practise that genuine black women are genuinely recognised for our exquisite and enviable beauty…

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