Workout of the Month: The Flat Stomach Workout

Workout of the Month: Flat stomach Workout - Main

DareBee’s Flat Stomach Workout

One of DareBee’s latest workout’s is this excellent Flat Stomach Workout.

Specifically aimed at targeting the stomach muscles, the result is a slimmer taut, stomach and rock hard abs in next to no time!

The Flat Stomach Workout targets alWorkout of the Month: Flat stomach Workout - Musclesl the muscle groups required for a strong, taut stomach but the workout does more than that. Seeing how you can’t lose weight locally the Flat Stomach Workout elevates body temperature, loads large muscle groups through specific exercises and helps the body become more streamlined which then helps with the desired goal.

With this workout, not only are you working your stomach muscles but you are also engaging your glutes, quads, hamstrings, abductors, adductors and calves, making this somewhat of an all-round lower body workout, even though the focus is on strengthening your abdominal muscles… which you most certainly will!

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