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If there’s ever a time for overindulging in chocolate, it has to be at Christmas time!

Well, with these 100% raw, no-bake, paleo, vegan, gluten-free chocolate caramel cups made with quality dark chocolate and only natural ingredients including dates, you can be rest assured that you’re satisfying your chocolate cravings without sacrificing on your health because as always, my recipes are totally healthy, delicious and 100% gunk free!

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The sweet, soft caramel is made from natural, fresh dates and literally ooze out of the chocolate cups which melt in the mouth. They are just the right size – being made out of mini cake moulds – so you can pop them right in your mouth without looking like a Christmas gannit AND have as many as you wish whilst still looking elegant!

I loved making these as there’s a real buzz that comes with making healthy chocolate treats that you know will taste soooo good and are 100 times better than any of that other refined sugar and additive filled nonsense in the shops.

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I’m still deciding which chocolate treats I’ve made this week that I prefer the most and I have to say that I just can’t!

Between my paleo chocolate covered flapjacks, my raw/vegan/paleo chocolate truffles and these ever so more-ish caramel cups, it’s such a hard decision but hey, there’s no harm in making another batch (or two!) of each to help me decide…!

Happy New Year!


No-Bake Chocolate Caramel Cups
100% raw, no-bake, paleo, vegan, gluten-free chocolate caramel cups made with quality dark chocolate and only natural ingredients.
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  1. 100g Quality Dark Chocolate
  2. 2 Cups Medjool Dates
  3. 2-3 tbsp Agave Syrup/Honey
  4. 1 tbsp Vanilla Bean Paste
  5. Pinch of Sea Salt
  1. Line a muffin tray with mini cupcakes.
  2. Place a bowl over a pot of boiling water (ensure the bowl doesn't touch the water).
  3. Break up half of the chocolate and place in the bowl. Once melted, pour into the cups and fill them just under half way.
  4. Swizzle around/spread the chocolate around the cases so that they totally cover the whole of the inside and the top of the cases.
  5. Place the tray in the fridge and leave for approximately one hour until the chocolate goes solid.
  6. In the mean time, soak the dates in boiling water for approximately fifteen minutes for the dates to soften.
  7. Remove the dates from the water (retain the water), remove the seeds and place in the blender.
  8. Add the vanilla paste, salt and syrup and blend until it literally turns into caramel. If necessary add more water.
  9. Pour the caramel on top of the chocolate in the cases, leaving enough room to top off with the remaining chocolate.
  10. Place the tray back in the fridge for another hour.
  11. Melt the remaining chocolate and pour on top of the caramel to reach the top of the cases and, once again, place in the fridge till solid.
  12. Once solid, remove and enjoy!
Justina Elumeze



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