Cucumber Mint & Lime Detox Water


Cucumber Mint & Lime Detox Water -

To all my Transatlantic readers, happy belated 4th of July!

I’m still as busy as a bee, hence the absence of my promised Tuesday and Thursday posts but God willing, we’ll get into a routine some time soon!

In the interim, today’s post (it has to be Tuesday somewhere in the world!) is all about the virtues of detox water and in particular, my thirst quenching cucumber, mint and lime detox water.

Anyone who knows me and/or reads my blog posts knows too well about my sweet tooth and penchant for drinking (amongst other things, ehem…!) nothing but pure pineapple juice. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t drink anywhere near enough water because quite frankly, having no flavour I find it boring and so, as a result of this as well as my endeavours to be more healthy, have found a happy equilibrium with naturally flavoured detox water.

I’m not into anything unnatural, especially those so-called ‘natural’ squash juices that you dilute with water, thus, have found fruit flavoured detox water to be the best answer to my sweet tooth/plain water phobia issues.

Cucumber Mint & Lime Detox Water -

Recently I found myself with no pineapple juice left in the fridge, and not being bothered to go out to buy any, decided to make up this refreshing detox water with whatever ingredients I could find.

I’d bought some lime to make a paleo mojito that I still haven’t got around to making so I decided to use that. Next came cucumbers left over from a facial done the night before and a batch of fresh mint which I love to drink  as tea in hot water. So with these three ingredients to hand, I came up with a healthier and tastier alternative to plain water in one fell  swoop!

Cucumber contains antioxidants and silica which are great for the skin, mint promotes digestion whilst lime is known for its cleansing and weight loss properties.

It’s refreshing, tasty, and totally quenched my thirst. Here’s hoping it does the same for you.

Take care, guys!


Cucumber Mint & Lime Detox Water
A delicious, refreshing and thirst quenching detox water, made with fresh ingredients and ready to enjoy any time of the day.
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Prep Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
  1. A pitcher or large bottle of distilled mineral water
  2. A large bunch of fresh mint
  3. Sliced fresh whole cucumber
  4. Sliced fresh limes
  1. Combine all ingredients and add to the water, stir well and enjoy.
  1. Ingredients are not exact but according to taste so add as much cucumber, mint and lime as desired.
Justina Elumeze

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