7 of the Best Weight Loss Apps

18/01/2015 - The Best Weight Loss Apps
There are literally hundreds of weight loss and training apps all claiming to be able to get you the body you want, but can they really?
We’ve tried and tested several apps out there that claim to be able to assist you in your weight loss journey and today, we bring you our list of the best ones available for you to download and use straight away.

Breeze - The Best Weight Loss AppsThis app (for use with iPhone 5s, 6 and 6+) works by taking count of how many steps you take with its M7 Motion Processor – an Apple app which tracks your movements.

Designed for those who are not experienced gym bunnies, it is a great way to get started on your weight loss and keep fit journey, allowing you to monitor your progress, as well as telling you what your goals should be, based on the history of steps already taken. - The Best Weight Loss AppsDescribed as a social media fitness website, Fitocracy claims to be ‘your very own personal trainer’.

Even though originally designed to replicate a video game (with acheivements, bonuses, etc), it quickly grew into a large community, where people could easily track their exercise routines as well as search for, and add, new routines along the way. - The Best Weight Loss AppsThis great little app is more than just a food tracker. It allows you to scan the barcode of food items to be able to find out key nutritional information. You can discover a product’s fat content, whether it is GMO or not, whether it is vegan or organic, as well as discover a product’s wheat and gluten content!

As well as this there is a community where you can read other food tracker reviews, thereby also being educated and be motivated. - The Best Weight Loss AppsAnother great app to keep track of your calories, weight and exercise routines.

As studies have shown that those who keep a daily log of all that they eat are more likely to lose weight than those who do not, Lose It! is useful in that it enables you to do just that, with the added bonus of keeping tabs on your exercise routines with the exercise tracker. 

Lose It! - The Best Weight Loss AppsAnother calorie counter and fitness tracker app, My Fitness Pal lets you track your food intake, weight loss and dietary plans.

The calorie counter is basically an online diary with over 2 million food items stored on its database so you can calorie count almost anything whilst the exercise tracker, with over 350 routines stored in its database, allows you to monitor how many calories you burn with every activity.

My Fitness Pal - The Best Weight Loss AppsNexercise is another app that is modeled in the style of a game in that you are rewarded with points every time you workout.

Another great thing about Nexercise is that the points can actually be put towards rewards of your choosing such as gifts cards for places like Sephora, Amazon and Walmart, enabling you to have free money to spend after every workout! - The Best Weight Loss AppsWith a reputable brand like Nike, you just know that you ar going to get  a more than adequate app. An to boot, it’s free!

With different levels of fitness from beginners to advanced, this app will have you working up a sweat and is designed in such a way that you can either choose a pre-set programme or customise your own from their library of over 100 workouts. This is definitely one of our favourite apps by far…

Nike Training Club

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