Yves Saint Laurent: Movie biopic about the famous fashion designer



Rave reviews have already been giving for this recent biopic which tells of the legendary designer’s life and in particular his earlier years, from being an assistant to Christian Dior in 1957 right up till his legendary Opéra-Ballets russes
collection in 1976. 


The main role of Yves saint Laurent is played by Pierre Niney, who is said to have mimicked his character so well that that the late designer’s dog was convinced his owner – who passed away in 2008 – had returned.

The movie has been endorsed by Algerian born Yves Saint Laurent’s long time business and life partner, Pierre Bergé. ”I am blown away by
Pierre Niney’s performance. It really disconcerted me, it even upset me,
because it’s very difficult. At times, I thought it was Yves Saint
Laurent himself. That’s huge.” 

Pierre Berge co launched the Saint Laurent fashion house along with Yves in 1961 and played a major part in the designer’s life until he passed away. 

Exclusive vintage YSL designs are even seen in the movie but were only lent out with the added security of handlers. The models were not allowed to sit in any of the seventy seven outfits, which included creations from Laurent’s first ever collection in 1962, as well as pieces from his (then) scandalous Collection 40.

Yves Saint Laurent premiers in French cinemas today.

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