Martin Scorsese’s D&G Ad: Starring Scarlett Johansson & Matthew McConaughey


Entitled, ‘Street of dreams’, and starring the beautiful Matthew McConaughey and Scarlett Johansson, this is the much anticipated short movie for Dolce & Gabanna’s  ‘The One’ campaign.

Directed by none other than the legend Martin Scorsese (Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Cape Fear, Hugo, Boardwalk Empire, and much, much more), this was always bound to be something a little bit special…

With stunning visuals and filmed in black and white to evoke the golden age of cinema, both Scarlett and Matthew shine in their roles as reminiscing ex lovers. The short movie was also set in New York city, a favourite of Scorsese who has filmed many a movie there. He stated at the beginning of filming, “I love those streets, they’re part of me because that’s where I grew up.”

Of the movie, Dolce & Gabbana both state, “Street of Dreams is an epic story of the power of love and the power of dreams. Scorsese’s campaign tells a tale of timeless glamour through its two protagonists, Matthew McConaughey and Scarlett Johansson. United for the first time in a Dolce & Gabbana Fragrance campaign, their intensity is unmistakable as they come together on the streets of New York. It is a celebration of passion, of beauty, and of being unique.”


Regarding casting Scarlett Johansonn and Matthew McConaughey for the roles, the designers could not be happier. “Scarlett is the embodiment of ‘The One’ woman,” Domenico Dolce said in a press release. “She lives and breathes every womanly nuance. She exudes desire and innocence. She is both sobriety and sensuality. There is innocence in her eyes yet her smile is laced with mischief. She is a talented actress and a beautiful woman.”

Stefano Gabbana is equally in awe of Matthew McConaughey. “Matthew is the ultimate charmer. He is an outstanding actor, and a very handsome man whose good
looks seem to be increasing with age. And he has also been blessed with style, not to mention a clever wit and boundless charisma. There could be no other face for ‘The One for Men.’” 

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