Kate Moss: First ever shoot to be shown at Soho Gallery

Ahhh… Diddums!

The test shots of supermodel Kate Moss, taken by David Ross back in 1988 for Storm model agency when she was just fourteen years old, are to go on show at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery, Old Compton Street in Soho from the 30th October to the 3rd November.


We all know the story how this Croydon lass was spotted by Sarah Doukas – of Storm Model agency – at JFK airport, but what you may not know is that these test shots were taken by a then twenty three year old David Ross, who himself was also starting out in his chosen field of work. “I was literally starting out in the industry. I had a
deal with Sarah, that if I photographed Moss then I would be able to choose other models to shoot to aid my portfolio afterwards,” he stated.

 Of the actual shoot, David remembered Kate to be a humble girl, totally unaware of how huge a phenomenon she was to become. “She wasn’t trying to prove anything or act above her station. She didn’t try to adopt a model attitude of self-absorption and superiority, which at the time was becoming public via media sensation.

“It’s interesting thinking how she was back then, fresh up from Croydon – deep in South London – by herself on the train. I actually sent her home the first time she turned up because she arrived without a chaperone.”

Having not seen her since that iconic day, David states, “I would love to see her again
and meet her and ask what she was thinking at the time.” 

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