Fitness Friday: Hardcore Abs


Following on from our last fitness post ‘Core of Steel‘, today is our final installment (for now) of routines dedicated to toning up the stomach muscles for lean, hardcore abs.

Remember, as with all forms of exercise, to warm up and cool down beforehand and afterwards, as well as to breath normally throughout.


  • Sit on the edge of a chair holding on each side for support. Have both the legs straight out at the same time. Bending both legs up, pull the knees towards the stomach. Maintain a straight back and tight torso throughout the movement, looking straight ahead and legs controlled. Return to the start position but keep feet slightly off the floor and flex the feet so that heels are pointed down throughout. (20 reps)
  •  As before, sit on the edge of a chair with hands on either side and legs extended out in front. Lift one straight leg out in front to head height, hold for five seconds, keeping back straight and stomach tight. As you slowly lower, lift the opposite leg in the same way to create a scissor like motion. Keep movement controlled throughout. (20 reps)
  •  Lying down with hands on either side, lift both legs in the air and bend the knees so that the calves are almost parallel to the ground (you can cross both legs if you want). Raise your upper body whilst simultaneously pulling the knees towards the chest. Squeeze the stomach muscles tightly whilst holding this position for five seconds. Return to the start position and repeat. (20 reps)
  •  Sit on the floor whilst leaning back about 45 degrees and legs almost straight out but with a slight bend at the knees. Keep your feet about ten inches off the ground. Holding (preferably) a medicine ball, move the ball from one side of your body to the other by turning from side to side. Maintain your form throughout, keeping your stomach tight and ensuring that your feet do not move or touch the floor. (20 reps)
  •  For this exercise you will need a long pole (a mop or broom will suffice!) Stand up with legs hip width apart, a straight back, chin up and shoulders back. With the pole positioned behind your head and across the shoulders, keep your lower body completely still whilst twisting the shoulders and arms from one side to the other. Keep your stomach muscles tight and try to maintain rhythm throughout.

If you are regularly doing all of the routines giving here on Justina Elumeze, you will definitely see results. Remember though, that a healthy diet needs to also be implemented for optimum results.
Keep an eye out on our fitness page for more all over body exercise routines, advice and diet tips that will help you to get your fittest body ever!

Stay Fit.

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