Core of Steel: Best exercises for a flat stomach



We all would like a flatter stomach, right?

Well here are a few of the best exercises to get not only a flatter stomach but a smaller waist.

  •  With your body lying straight out on the floor, your stomach flat and your arms by your sides, lift your straight legs about ten inches off the floor. As you breath out raise your chest up whilst drawing your knees – now bent – towards your chest. Pause and squeeze for ten seconds, then return to the start position. (20 reps)
  •  Lie with your legs straight. With your stomach taut, exhale and raise both your legs and your upper body. With your arms and legs straight out, aim to touch your feet with your hands. Return to the start position and repeat. (20 reps)
  • Lying straight out, raise both your legs and upper body to create a ‘v’ shape. Hold for ten seconds or as long as possible before returning to the start position and repeating. (20 reps)
  • Lying straight out with your hands on the floor (palms facing down), lift both your straight feet and shoulders approximately five inches off the floor. Keeping your stomach as taut as possible and the muscles tense, hold this position for as long as possible before slowly returning to the start position. (20 reps) 
  •  With your arms by your side, raise your straight legs up in the air and keep your  back off the floor by crunching up. As you crunch down, lift your hips up off the floor so as to raise your straight legs up. Keep your stomach taut throughout. Hold for as long as possible whilst breathing normally. Slowly return to the start position. (20 reps)

For added resistance, invest in a medicine ball as combining the use of this into the above workouts will produce much faster results.

Also, working out on an empty stomach, preferably first thing in the morning, is the best way to burn fat as energy as the body has no other fuel source to utilize. However, this is by no means advocating that you go hungry as not only is this silly but pointless if you which to work out effectively.

Stay Fit.

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