Haute Couture Autumn 2013


Iris Van Herpen


Couture fashion week.

Haute couture… so what’s it all about?

Haute couture literally means ‘high sewing’ or ‘elegant dressmaking’ (and thus, high fashion) and is originally the work of Englishman Charles Frederick Worth who would create bespoke clothes for his elite Parisian clientele. With French fashion seen as the best around and the rich travelling from far to have their designs made in Paris, the house of Worth was born. Following on from Worth came other fashion houses including Chanel, Dior and Pierre Cardin (oh my gosh… whatever happened to Pierre Cardin…?).

1868 saw the formation of Chambre syndicale de la Haute Couture, a band of regulators who, to this day, decide each year which fashion houses are worthy of  calling themselves haute couture. The guidelines that need to be adhered to include that the designs are to remain bespoke and thus, exclusively tailor made for clients… as opposed to ready to wear garments made for mere proletarians, I suppose!

Anyway, any excuse for another fashion show is fine by me so, with that little history lesson over let’s take a look at highlights from all the designers at this year’s fabulous Paris Couture Fashion Week.



Alexandre Vauthier

Alexis Mabille
Bouchra Jarrar






Christian Dior Dior-1 Dior-2 Dior-3 Dior-4 Dior-5 Dior-6 Dior-7 Dior-8 Dior-9 Dior-10 Dior-11 Dior-12 Dior-13 Dior-14 Dior-15 Dior-16














Christophe Josse














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