Haute Couture Autumn 2013 – Part Two


Dany Atrache


Today’s highlights are from Dany Atrache through to Gustavolins. Elie saab – one of my favourites from this year – also features with some beautifully sumptuous and glamorous designs.

Dany Atrache
JustinaElumeze-dany-atrache-haute-couture-autumn-2013-Dany-Atrache-1 JustinaElumeze-dany-atrache-haute-couture-autumn-2013-Dany-Atrache-2 JustinaElumeze-dany-atrache-haute-couture-autumn-2013-Dany-Atrache-3 JustinaElumeze-dany-atrache-haute-couture-autumn-2013-Dany-Atrache-4 JustinaElumeze-dany-atrache-haute-couture-autumn-2013-Dany-Atrache-5 JustinaElumeze-dany-atrache-haute-couture-autumn-2013-Dany-Atrache-6 
 Didit Hediprasetyo
 JustinaElumeze-haute-couture-autumn-2013-Didit-Hediprasetyo-1 JustinaElumeze-haute-couture-autumn-2013-Didit-Hediprasetyo-2 JustinaElumeze-haute-couture-autumn-2013-Didit-Hediprasetyo-3 JustinaElumeze-haute-couture-autumn-2013-Didit-Hediprasetyo-4 JustinaElumeze-haute-couture-autumn-2013-Didit-Hediprasetyo-5
 Elie Saab
His designs had a look of sheer red carpet elegance which is what I feel haute couture should be about, clothing that has that special something that sets it apart from the norm.
By far one of my favourite collections from Couture Fashion Week Autumn 2013.
Totally exquisite.
Eric Tibusch
Franck Sorbier 




Georges Chakra



Georges Hobeika

















Giambattista Valli

















Giorgio Armani Prive
Another one of my favourites, I found it hard to whittle it down to just a few of his designs to put on here as I liked almost all of them.
With a distinct feel of classy early twentieth century, these beautiful outfits remind me of a young Lauren Hutton.



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