Make 2013 Your Fittest – and Most Peaceful – Year Yet!

Make 2013 Your Fittest and Most Peaceful - Year Yet -
It’s a well known fact that the majority of people who make New Year resolutions to join a gym (with many half heartedly vowing to do so whilst still chewing on the last remnants of what was a gargantuan Christmas dinner just some twenty minutes before) almost always fail before they’ve even started, either by not going at all or by giving up after a month (of constantly embarrassing themselves  as they attempt to surreptitiously outdo the fitter person next to them in a useless attempt to look like a gym pro even though they’re clearly struggling and probably praying that the person they’re trying to compete with would go away…).
So why does this happen so often, and to so many?

Why do the amount of people applying for gym memberships increase at the start of the New Year, only to dwindle shortly afterwards? Why do people, eager with anticipation to follow up on their vows to get fit and healthy, just stop going after a while, even if they deliberately pay for the whole year, in the vain hope that by doing so this would force them to go?

I personally believe that the problem is the gym. After a while, many just no longer feel like it.
The two major factors at play here really come down to time and interest.
Gym peak times are the busiest which is usually when people finish work. This means that the majority of people that go to the gym at these times have typical ‘nine to five’ jobs.
Having both worked in several gyms (including the House of Parliament’s in-house gym… now that was an experience and a half), as well as gone regularly myself for many years, I can honestly say that I absolutely hate the gym at peak times.
Compared to the mornings and afternoons when the gym is filled with the calmness and peace that comes from ‘off peak’ members (which mainly consists of the retired, self employed, mother/father/housewife/househusband) who don’t seem to be in any particular hurry or filled with the stress associated with working in offices and all which that may entail, the gym in the evening is an entirely different kettle of fish.

Come the evening, everyone in the gym seems tense and angry.

The atmosphere is filled with such hostility, people queuing to use the machines whilst huffing and puffing in order to get the person to hurry up so that they could get their turn. The muscle men in the corner always seem to think it cool to make such unecessary grunts as they lift and slam down weights (a clear indication of the inadequacy they feel towards their life as a whole) in order to vent out their obvious pent up anger.

The saddest thing to witness is seeing everyone attempting to squeeze and fit into the sauna afterwards.

That the majority of people sweating and waiting for an available seat to get comfortable in had probably done exactly the same thing some hours earlier on the underground before they came to the gym, just to do the same exact thing in the sauna, was an irony that was never lost on me, I can assure you.

Peak time life. It’s just not worth the stress.
Make 2013 Your Fittest and Most Peaceful - Year Yet -

I’ve witnessed women arguing in yoga classes and in the sauna with one another, all because they’ve brought the stress of the office (or the lunch time fight they had with someone over the last available sandwich at Starbucks) with them. 

In the long run, this type of atmosphere can be of no interest or benefit to anyone, hence why so many people stop going after a while. The majority of people who go to the gym are those who have regular jobs and thus, have to go at peak times and unfortunately it is this atmosphere, coupled with the time constraints of so many who hold down a regular job, that causes them to eventually stop going altogether.

This year if keeping fit or loosing weight entails anything so stressful that you lose all incentive to continue (or live), then drop it right out! I myself no longer go to the gym and don’t believe one needs to in order to stay fit or lose weight. There are more than enough exercises that can be done in the home without the use of gym equipment.
On my fitness page, I will be going through some exercises that I know work and can be used easily – and peacefully – in the comfort of your own home in order for you to get the fittest body so far this 2013. So leave all that queuing and stressing over gym equipment covered in someone else’s sweat behind whilst you get your hottest body yet in style, in your home.

You know it makes sense!

On a broader level, this type of negative atmosphere would not exist at the gym if the peak time members did not bring their stress with them therefore, one has to also consider managing one’s life in such a way as to manage and reduce the causes of stress.

In the next coming weeks I will be discussing the many different ways on how to do this.

So, here’s to a more fitter and peaceful 2013! xxx

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