2013: Year of the Emerald


… As determined by Pantone!

Zac Posen  S/S 2013


If you thought that Pantone were just a company that made colour charts for painting purposes, you’d be wrong. Pantone are a company who are able to dictate to others (especially within the fashion industry) what is the colour of the moment.

They are able to tell you what colour you need to be wearing, what colour you need to be decorating your house in, what colour flowers you need to be smelling, even what colour food you need to be eating… all in the name of fashion (Well, I was joking about the food bit, but for all I know, this may actually be true, especially in certain restaurants, at least.)

Sportmax  S/S 2013

Pantone is a corporation that began as a commercial printing company and soon developed into the kingpins of colour that they are today and this year they have instructed us that we need to do things in emerald.

The clout these guys have is fenominal. Fashion houses design their clothes around what Pantone say is to be the colour of the coming year, a decision that is made in secret, behind closed doors twice a year. The results of these surreptitious meetings are then published and subsequently purchased by all consumer based industries to use as a guide for their designs for the upcoming year.

Several fashion houses featured the colour in their Spring/Summer collections and will no doubt do the same with their Autumn/Winter collections as well.

I have always liked the colour green and so look forward this year to seeing all of the accessories in differing shades of emerald that will be available. I’ve already got my Pantone iPhone cover and have had my eye on Burberry’s Kickback Lace Trench Coat for a while now…

So there you have it. The colour this year to be seen in is emerald… or Emerald 17-5641 to be (Pantone) exact!

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