What on Earth Has Happened to Fashion…?


Cracked out 90's girl band look Cracked out 90's girl band look. What on Earth Has Happened to Fashion -

I cannot tell whether it is because I have totally been off the fashion radar for the past two years due to my pregnancy and motherhood (which subsequently led me to inflict upon myself a period of wearing nothing but the lazy/fat girl attire of leggings and flip-flops in place of my once staple attire of skinny jeans and heels when my ankles could no longer handle it!) or whether it is because I am getting older – as we all are. (Older, not old, I may add!)

However, the question I seem to find myself asking more and more is: what on earth has happened to fashion?
I ask myself this as I once again browse through fashion magazines and window shop and see that what is passing as fashion nowadays is absolutely rubbish.
I repeat: Absolute. Rubbish.
The clothes seem to be cheap, tacky and classless and time and time again I look at the clothes passing as fashion now and tell myself I could make them myself one hundred times better.And I cannot even sew.

If I come off as a clothes snob, this is not my intention as I am not suggesting that clothes have to be mega expensive and designer to be the best. What I am saying, however, is that a lot of clothes look like they have been poorly made and I have to say quite frankly, I am far from impressed. Below are a few images of the offending items I have had the misfortune of seeing recently.
Cracked out 90's girl band look Cracked out 90's girl band look. What on Earth Has Happened to Fashion -
Looks like a cracked out 90’s pop star wannabe…
What on Earth Has Happened to Fashion -
What on Earth Has Happened to Fashion -
Why, Heavenly Father, why…?


What on Earth Has Happened to Fashion -
The End is Nigh…
I do feel that there is a link between the surge of discount stores, be it on the streets or online (it’s enough to make you want to!) that have been coming up over the years and the quality of clothes being subsequently made that has led to fashion looking so poor and the sad thing is that this need not be the case.
“Buy cheap and you get cheap” doesn’t necessarily follow and needn’t be applicable to fashion.Neither should just plain-looking cheap. I say this as I also believe that one (or two) certain pop star’s penchant for dressing like a ‘five dorra’ street walker has played a major role in dictating what passes as fashion today.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in looking sexy.

Anyone who knows me will know that I am no prude. I’ve lived quite a life and nothing can really phase me as I have seen many things.

However, one thing I dislike to see immensely is conformity and so as I see what appears to be the current trend in fashion, it breaks my heart to witness that ‘followers of fashion’ are more than happy to conform to looking so cheap.It’s not just discount fashion boutiques though.

To confirm that this sad phenomenon has nothing to do with money (or a lack of), both major and minor celebrities alike are following this awful current trend of thrown together half-finished, schizophrenic, cheap, street walking trashiness:

What on Earth Has Happened to Fashion -
Even with money…


What on Earth Has Happened to Fashion -
Loving the shoes, though!

Sort it out, guys.

Don’t be thinking that this is fashion…Rebel against this atrocity by breaking free from this bondage of blindness!

Remember what looking classy and hot looks like:

What on Earth Has Happened to Fashion -
Now that’s more like it…!
Anyway, this is all my opinion. I mean, maybe it is my age and this style of dressing is only suited to those too young to even know what a 90’s pop star wannabe looks like!Even so, do look at my fashion page to see all what I consider beautiful in fashion and do feel free to comment as I would love to know what you think about this topic – as well as any other topic or issue raised on this blog.

Stay Beautiful…


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