Would you like some coffee with your sugar…?

Would you like some coffee with your sugar -
Completed my juice fast last night (only did five days as felt this was all I needed right now) and have to confess that the first couple of days did not go by without me nibbling on a sweet (or ten), then with me justifying such antics by telling myself each time I succumbed to my sweet tooth that I needed the energy otherwise I just may not make it through to the next day.
This is absolute nonsense, by the way, as I watched a documentary some years ago which clearly showed that if you were to starve yourself (as the men in the documentary did), it could take up to eight weeks before you would drop dead (which incidentally is what ended up happening to the majority of the guys in that documentary).
However, in my vain attempt to tell myself that I needed the sugar fix – as opposed to the truth, that I just plainly wanted it – I came to the conclusion that I never used to have an issue with having a such sweet tooth, in fact I used to love it when in cafe’s, after ordering my eight spoons of sugar with my cappuccino, the guy behind the till would invariably always say out loud something along the lines of, “Gosh Luv, fancy some coffee with your sugar?” thinking that he was the only one ever to come up with such an ‘original’ line.
So what happened? Why is it such an issue now?
As the fact is that I , Justina Elumeze, am a sugar addict.
For as long as I can remember, when my Mother (who also had a sweet tooth herself as a child) would give me bags of sweets as a reward or to shut me up, I have loved sweets, often choosing them over food. I know that this is mega unhealthy, but for decades I seriously thought I had a valid excuse: sugar contains no fat grams.
However, when my first born soon developed the same sweet tooth as myself later on in her life as a result of me sharing my bags of sweets with her and teaching her (wrongly) that it was okay to scoff the lot in one sitting, my conscience became less clear and I began to realise that we may have a problem…
And indeed we do. 
My oldest is now inclined to want to call the police on me if I fail to include ice cream or biscuits in my shopping list.
‘What a baby’s never had a baby never misses’
This saying isn’t necessarily true as I never gave my eldest sweets before she was a toddler (she never even tasted fresh juice till she was about fifteen months old as I only gave her breast milk or water to drink).However, with my youngest, I will not make the same mistake of letting her think it’s okay to eat large amounts of sweets once she’s old enough because the truth is, too much sugar really isn’t good for you, neither mentally nor physically.

I know only too well of the hot flushes and sudden rushes I would get after eating so much sweets that I felt they must have been laced with amphetamines, shortly followed by the sudden drop in mood and lethargy afterwards. 
At twenty two, I was proud of the fact that I could ram copious amounts of sweets in my mouth and didn’t have a single filling… only to go to the dentist one day and come out with eight in one go…
So it’s quite understandable that I found this juice fast quite hard at first but after a couple of days, it got a lot easier, with me actually appreciating the natural sugars present in the fruits I was juicing and blending.
The juices and smoothies that I made for my fast are all natural (not pasteurised, concentrated or laden down with sugar as so many ‘juices’ that you find in supermarkets are). As they were home made they were obviously fresh, tasty and packed full of goodness.
If you, wishing to try out any juices or smoothies, are apprehensive about doing so because you think they are not going to be sweet enough, you’d be wrong as they are. The point I am making here is that if I – a (now) self confessed sugar addict – can be converted then so can you.
I’m not saying that I will cut out sugar altogether – come on, people! – but it does feel good knowing that I am making a conscious decision to reduce my sugar intake and implement an even healthier diet into mine and my family’s life.
For all of the juices and smoothies I made for my juice fast (with full ingredients and instructions) go to my recipe page.
Would you like some coffee with your sugar -

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