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  • Beauty

    Marc Jacobs: Beauty Line

    Tomorrow sees the launch of Marc Jacobs beauty line at Sephora’s flagship Paris store and the designer has chosen the fabulous Jessica Lange to feature in the latest campaign.…

  • Beauty Beauty for Women of Colour

    Jodie Patterson & Benjamin Bernet Former cosmetics executive Benjamin Bernet and beauty entrepreneur Jodie Patterson have founded Doobop, a new beauty website dedicated to women of colour and textured hair.…

  • Beauty

    Estee Lauder: Topaz Starry Night Compact

    Estee Lauder Starry Night Compact   EXCLUSIVELY AT SAKS. Shimmering like a starry night sky, this golden compact covered in shades of brilliant topaz crystals adds a rich touch of luxury to your evening.…

  • Beauty

    EOS: Lip Balm of the moment

    EOS Summer Fruit Lip Balm For all those who have read my ‘A – Z to Clear Skin’ series on skin care, you will know that I am not really an advocate of a…

  • Beauty

    Gwen Stefani: for O.P.I. Nail Varnish

    The grammy award winning, multiple platinum, certified diamond album selling ‘No Doubt’ singer is proving that she is more than ‘just a girl’ (a favourite No Doubt tune, for all those too young to…

  • Beauty

    Joan Smalls: Puerto Rican Beauty

    Voted the number one model in the whole world by in 2012, Joan Smalls featured regularly throughout this Spring 2014 fashion week and with good reason: her undeniable beauty.…